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When FCF Pay reached out to our team, we did a thorough analysis of their development practices and found various ways to reduce cost and provide better quality. NK Web Services accomplished that by providing engineering and project management services to tighten controls around a major product. This has led to immense benefits for the team and a platform that is now poised for major success.


FCF Pay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that has been in operation for over a year. In that time, the company has built a strong base of clients numbering in the hundreds, and processes hundreds of transactions daily. In addition to serving its clients, FCF Pay has also cultivated a dedicated community of more than 10,000 followers. The company’s focus on providing a secure and efficient payment solution has made it a trusted partner for businesses and individuals alike. Despite facing competition in the crowded world of cryptocurrency payments, FCF Pay has distinguished itself through its commitment to customer service and innovation.


Before joining forces with NK Web Services, FCF Pay faced several challenges related to the development of its platform. One of the main issues was high development costs, which put a strain on the company’s resources and made it difficult to scale the business as planned. Another challenge was the lack of effective communication from the development team, which led to delays and misunderstandings.

Additionally, there were not enough project management best practices in place to ensure that projects were delivered on time and to the desired level of quality. This lack of structure and accountability resulted in a high cost of development, as resources were often used on inefficient processes. Overall, these challenges made FCF Pay’s ability to deliver value to its customers and grow its business difficult.


FCF Pay joined NK Web Services and was able to benefit from a number of solutions that helped improve their business. One of the major solutions was the addition of a new development team. This team was highly skilled and able to take on a range of tasks, including the development of new features and the maintenance of existing ones.

In addition to the new development team, FCF Pay also saw a reduction in the cost of development. This was achieved through the use of modern project management tools such as ClickUp, which helped streamline the development process and made it easier to track progress. The use of these tools also enabled more direct communication with the development team, which helped to improve the overall efficiency of the project.

Another solution that FCF Pay benefited from was the availability of additional resources as projects scaled. This was particularly useful as it allowed FCF Pay to take on larger projects without having to worry about running out of resources. Additionally, the architecture of the projects was simplified, which helped to lower infrastructure costs and made it easier for the team to work on the projects.

Overall, the solutions provided by NK Web Services helped FCF Pay to improve their development process and drive their business forward.


FCF Pay saw significant results after joining NK Web Services. The company experienced a 70% reduction in development and infrastructure costs, allowing it to allocate more resources to other areas of the business. In addition, over the span of a few months, FCF Pay was able to deliver over 5 major features, including the introduction of a white labeled multi-tenant version of the application. This added value for customers and helped to drive growth for the company. Additionally, FCF Pay continued to expand its various libraries of integrations, further increasing the functionality and versatility of the application. Overall, the partnership with NK Web Services had a positive impact on FCF Pay’s development efforts and product offerings.

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